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At Grant’s Financial Services, Inc, we bring over 15 years of bookkeeping, accounting and tax experience to work for you. We do not believe in a “one price fits all” business model, rather we offer tailored, comprehensive accounting services specifically designed to meet your needs. Our work is professional and, more importantly, accurate. We strive to build a strong working relationship with our clients and focus on offering workable solutions to all of your accounting issues.

Let GFS give you better books and better control over your business.
Growing a business in these challenging times means knowing far more than where you’ve already been or what this week’s cash flow looks like. You need the power to use today’s numbers to spot opportunities, uncover problems, benchmark against competitors, even-out cash flow, minimize tax liability, prevent payroll nightmares and present the best business case to loan officers and investors. Your success means taking a fresh approach to bookkeeping outsourcing.

We’re here to help you run your business more efficiently and in the process save you both time and money. With Grant’s Financial Services, you get:

Better decision making capability
Weekly or monthly financial statements make it possible to accurately analyze the state of your business and forecast future revenues and expenditures. See the trends as they are happening, and make informed decisions.

Increased efficiency
You can go out in the marketplace and do what you do best – bringing in new business and generating profits – while the financial end is being taken care of back at the office by a professional, saving you time – your most valuable resource.

Streamlined processes
Evaluating day to day processes and making suggestions for streamlining is one of our strengths. This makes your bookkeeping more efficient and productive.

Financial picture at a glance
Cash Flow Reports, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet Statements – these can all be quickly and easily prepared on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as your business requires.

Bookkeeping, payroll & bill processing all in one place
You won’t have to worry any longer about when timesheets have to be sent out to the payroll service, or if payroll taxes are being paid in a timely manner.
About DeAnna Grant. DeAnna Grant is the founder and sole owner of Grant’s Financial Services, Inc. (GFS), a full–service accounting firm located in South Loop Chicago. She is a Business Consultant and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, with over 15 years of bookkeeping, accounting and tax experience. 

GFS brings a unique perspective to accounting clients through DeAnna’s experience as a Tax Accountant. DeAnna also holds memberships in various groups such as NATP, AIPB, Project Forward Consulting Group, and various Chambers of Commerce.
Helping Our Clients Achieve Financial Freedom
In 2014, Tax Benefits Increase Due to Inflation Adjustments
WASHINGTON — For tax year 2014, the Internal Revenue Service announced today annual inflation adjustments for more than 40 tax provisions, including the tax rate schedules, and other tax changes. Revenue Procedure 2013-35 provides details about these annual adjustments.
The tax items for tax year 2014 of greatest interest to most taxpayers include the following dollar amounts.
Grant's Financial Services provides quality bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation services for small businesses.
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“I am so happy I switched my services to Grants Financial. They are not an ordinary accounting firm, they care about the success of your company and helping it to grow. They have helped show me where I was losing money and opportunities for growth. I am so happy to be growing my company with Grants Financial.”

Keeana Barber
WDB Marketing

Grants Financial Services is far more than just an accounting firm. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them over the past five years and their experience and focus on my business success has been a tremendous asset. I’m consistently growing and re-branding.”

Nicole Wheatly

When it comes to quick, fast and reliable service no one beats Grants Financial. Their professionalism and customer service is second to none. For me they are the only choice.

Trez Pugh
Sip and Savor, Inc.